Copdock Classic Motorcycle Club

To two day show or not to two day show?

Thanks again go to our various supporters, sponsors, friends and loyal followers who made this year's show the spectacular event that it unquestionably turned out to be. One of the questions we often have to field is that of "why not have it in August when the weather is better?" Well the August I recall this year was wetter than a BSA owners garage floor, yet our five days of set up, show and take down were just amazing.

And so to next year, which will be our 21st. And the question that's been simmering away in the background, namely one day / two days is still very much up for debate and discussion. Yes, the costs for us would be greater, and for a raft of reasons. But would the show be better, or bigger, or could we risk compromising on the quality of what is the best one day show in the East of England?

If we were to go for a two day event we would certainly emphasise the availability of the camping and shower facilities at Trinity Park, Ipswich. We'd also continue to have on site the Dove St Inn, the second home in these parts for anyone who appreciates a good pint of real ale, in a great atmosphere, and served by people who know what they're talking about. We'd put on some food and entertainment on the Saturday night, but just what is subject to discussion and licensing and with a desire to keep the neighbours happy.

And so to the purpose of all of this. What do YOU think? Whether you are a Motorcycle dealer or other trader, a member of a visiting club, an autojumbler or even a member of the motorcycling public we would very much appreciate YOUR opinion and input into the debate.

Please follow the link and answer the following questions:

  1. Who are you? Club / trade / individual?
  2. How many Copdocks have you attended?
  3. Should we stay one day or go for two days?
  4. Why, in your view.

Thank you very much for your help. This is very much your show, as it said in this year's programme. We are just trying to decide on the way to go forward for you, the motorcycling world.

Best Wishes, keep the rubber side down.

The Copdock Committee